Best days to pick incredible escorts

Is everyday a good day to pick a gorgeous prostitute to have sex with ? the answer is NO. Now let’s clarify and talk about the best days to pick an escort. No matter where, these tips will work any major or small city in the western world.

Based on having spent more than 500 nights out there in night clubs looking for the perfect fuck, i have learnt that days of the week do matter. So going hunting for gorgeous girls for paid sex monday is very different from going thursday and saturday. Now let me explain.

Sunday: Worst day fo the week.

This is for one simple reason. Bars and nightclubs are closed, and workers have to take a rest mostly sundays. Also people are recovering from their hang overs. The only sexy places you may find open are casinos, and sometimes you could find prostitutes there on sundays. You can give it a try and tell us your experience.

Labor days

Monday: Very slow days.

Why, also because most people are taking care of their issues at the beginning of the week, girls also do. Most bars and clubs will be partly open because workers have to earn their salary. So be prepared to see empty halls on mondays.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: the best days !

Oh yeah, believe it or not, best days to go hunting solid 9s and 10s are tuesday, wednesday and thursday. Why ? there can be many reasons, but the main is girls have already took long days to relax and rest and office workers are around the area. So the exploding mix is set these days… oxygen and fire !! guys with money and girls eager to take it šŸ˜€


Fridays and saturdays: bad days

You may find this tip a bit odd, but let me explain. High end escorts have their private lives as well, they are regular citizens and they have families, boyfriends, girlfriends (yes, they have their sentimental couples. Many girls who have regular lives in the east side of the city are prostitutes in the west side, believe me) and girls enjoy partying, making selfies for their instagrams in fancy restaurants with their besties after going shopping. That’s what they make money for, to spend it !!

Many girls go to wedding parties during weekends, yessss weddings take place mostly saturdays, and, you have to take note. Many girls make company to guys at social events during weekends.

Bars and night clubs will be full of hunters such as yourself, and the men/women ratio will be high. So there will be lots of guys two steps behind the best girls. Also, price will be higher than average, as we have already talked about in this article.

I’m not saying you won’t find good girls weekends, fresh solid 9-10s, but you’ll mostly find veteran 24/7 professional prostitutes which are 6-8s and in their early forties or late thirties. If that’s what you like, go ahead man !

Nights before holidays : good day !

Yes ! the nights before holidays will give very nice surprises. Just because the following days will feel just like sundays and girls have to earn money to pay the rent !! so, the very best girls will be out there waiting for a nice proposal.

Now that you have these tips, you can make your schedule of the week to go after the real honey meanwhile you save money !

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